SheCanCode's Spilling The T

Tackling the tech talent shortage

February 27, 2023 SheCanCode Season 2 Episode 12
SheCanCode's Spilling The T
Tackling the tech talent shortage
Show Notes

Despite the UK tech industry being valued at £1 trillion in 2022, the lack of UK tech talent is threatening to stifle the industry’s growth.

But why is there a shortage of talent and how can we counteract this? 

Amongst other things, the shortage is partly due to rapid digital transformation which has accelerated the demand for skilled workers. The global pandemic pushed the pace of digital transformation further, creating a need for employees to fill that gap. 

So where do we go to plug the gap? There is a wealth of untapped talent in the UK, including female returners, entry-level workers and culturally diverse workers.

In this episode, Marion Stewart, Chief Operating Officer at Red Helix, delves into the talent shortage further and what can be done about it.

As Chief Operations Officer, Marion is an integral part of the Red Helix management team. With more than 30 years of industry experience in companies such as Pulsant, Daisy Group, Alternative Networks and Star Technology, Marion offers fresh input to strategy and ensures Red Helix’s delivers on its growth strategy. Marion has gained expertise in leading successful multi-disciplinary teams, whilst transforming operational and service delivery models across both UK and International organisations to deliver world-class customer experience efficiently and in line with industry best practice. 

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